5 Best Investments For Retirees

retirees investIt is good to have a clear and well-defined goal towards retirement, but it should not be overlooked that investments and other sound financial decisions can also be made while the person is already enjoying his retirement years. Retirees also have other forms of income that they can expect other than income from employment, such as dividends from stocks and other financial products, payoffs from business deals or holdings, pension, and other forms of retirement income.

During retirement, you would want to enjoy your hard-earned money by doing things you have always planned on doing but did not have the chance to do while you were working. But this should not mean just spending all of your money without any regard for the short-term future or planning for emergencies and unexpected expenses. You can also look into some investment decisions that you, as a retiree, can maximize for viable returns and increased financial stability.

Here are some of the best investments for retirees:

  1. Consolidated IRA account. Depending on how long you were employed and how you managed your traditional pension plans or 401(k) accounts, you may have more than one IRAs, 401(k)s, and pension policies that you need to manage. It may be confusing or time-consuming if you have to keep up with too many accounts, so consider rolling them over into a unified account with good returns. You may also want to consider cash-outs or lump sum distribution in order to move your assets to other high-yield investments.
  2. Investment Property. Real estate properties can provide you with stable assets or income well into your retirement years. For instance, if you invest in rental houses, apartments, or other properties for rent, you can expect to have a flow of income coming in to be able to sustain your lifestyle. Of course, property investments also require maintenance and other requirements, but this should not be too cumbersome or take up too much of your personal time. Here are some more reasons why it would be wise for retirees to invest in real estate.
  3. Closed End Funds. When you are already in your retirement years, you know that you may not have the luxury of planning for financial returns that go over the next 10 years or more. As much as possible, you would want returns that are within the short-term future so you can still enjoy them. Closed end funds are good options for retirees because they are primarily designed to produce monthly or quarterly income. They can be included in your existing portfolio or other retirement investments.
  4. Real Estate Investment Trusts. If the idea of maintaining your own real estate or rental properties seems like too much during your retirement years, you can opt for real estate investment trusts or REITs instead. This is akin to a mutual fund owning and managing property on your behalf. You will be the investor, and the REIT manages, collects rent, pays overhead expenses, and distributes income. This way, you can invest in real estate, which is stable and has a definite valuation, without having to worry about the responsibilities yourself.
  5. Tax-Free Savings Accounts. Instead of spending all your income, you should still be responsible enough to set aside a portion of your available cash for unexpected expenditures. Look into savings accounts that offer tax breaks and also have higher yields so your money continues to grow. You can also consider starting a Health Savings Account which, according to this online article, some experts consider as a very good alternative to IRA or 401k plan. You may want to use your cell phone plans for seniors like these to call trusted family or friends for referrals.

Buying a House: Good or Bad Investment?

yuppiesGraduate college? Check. Get a job with a well-enough income? Check. Meet the love of your life and get married? Check. Buy a house where you can start a family? Pause. Wait a minute, should you?

It’s always part of every life goal to buy your own house.  It’s one of the aspects of the American Dream. For some people, that’s the first thing they save up for. However, with the recent economy, you might want to think again about purchasing a house for your own. Would it be a good investment, or would it eventually drain you of your money?

It’s never an easy question to answer, of course. People who have a steady income and are currently renting their place might want to move to a place they can call their own. That would mean spending a whole lot of money, which people will only do if they consider their purchase an “investment”.

Before you think about whether a house is a good or bad investment, you have to define what an investment means for you. Wikipedia defines investment as time, energy, or matter spent in the hope of future benefits actualized within a specified date or time frame. In simpler words, investment can mean two things to people. It can either be considered an income generation, or an expense reduction.

Investment in the form of stocks, mutual funds, or bonds can generate income. Read this reliable guide on how to start investing to know the mistakes an investing beginner should avoid. The investment types mentioned are financial assets you give money to, and in a considerable amount of time will grow even without you physically working on it. On the other hand, for an investment to be considered an expense reduction, it has to reduce some cost of daily living.

A house will only be an income generator if you plan to rent it out. You certainly cannot make more money just by living in it. In fact, you even have to pay for electricity, water, cable, and Internet bills. It would therefore not be an investment in that kind of sense.

If you’re thinking that owning your own house can reduce your expenses, you might be in for a rude awakening. That would be another ball game altogether. It would still depend on a lot of factors, such as your income size bracket, current rent, credit score, the house’s mortgage, and even how long you plan to stay in the house. There’s even an online calculator that lets you compute whether you should rent or buy, while taking into consideration all these values.

So if you’re asking if buying a house is a sound investment, well, the answer is no, from a profit point-of-view. But if you want to consider it as an expense reduction, then you can call it a good investment. That is, if you make a down payment of at least twenty percent and get a fixed-rate mortgage. Your total monthly expense of the overall mortgage, taxes and insurance should also be less than or equal to than what you had to pay when you were renting.

If in case, you still feel strongly about buying a house and believe that at the same time you’ll find a way to earn from it as an investment, you can read this post about the basics of real estate investing. Buying a house is a process that involves a lot of consultation and decision-making. To get advice about your dilemma, you can always send emails to different investment websites through your Hotmail account. For any issue with your email account, get the Hotmail contact number here so you’ll be properly assisted. You worked hard for this money, so do your research well to make sure you spend it wisely.


Make Use Of New Technology For All Your Online Payments

online-payment-gatewayWith the emergence of heavy internet usage, people have really become dependent on their laptops, mobile devices and iPads for doing even the most mundane tasks. Customers all over the world are now favoring online shopping to the traditional shopping since it provides quick services in a very short time. An individual can order several items for home, office or personal use with just a single click of a button. All they need to do is follow the simple steps needed for purchasing the given product online. No matter what kind of services or goods your business deals with, the size, there has been an upsurge of business to business processing through online platforms and it is increasingly growing each day. You can order and pay using online payments for some really expensive vodka online without worrying that someone is watching your back. For those who love scotch whiskeys, you can always join a scotch whiskey club of the month online and make your payments for registration via online payment options.
There are merchant accounts that provide highly secure and polished services facilitating online payments easily. These merchant accounts comprise of different services that also offer credit card services as well. In addition, they have the ability of processing recurring payments. There are banks that have proven their knack in providing these services and your business can have the choice of online payment.
Online payment processing has become very popular because it’s safe and fast. You do not have to walk around carrying paper money and you get what you order for sometimes faster than going to buy it yourself.
Credit card processing also offers their customers with incredible services by easily logging in through easy online payment gateway option. Accepting credit cards is no longer an issue when buying goods or services online. Customers have been making very good use of their credit cards for buying various goods and services and they also get to enjoy discounts that are offered by a few online portals when you use your credit card. Having a merchant account simplifies the way of using credit cards while doing online transactions. The cost of activating a merchant account is very minimal when it is compared to the immense benefits that a business owner will get through it.
Credit card processing also accepts payments through mobile phones in the same way it is done through laptops or desktops. Once you know the basic steps on how it works, all you need to do is go ahead with the online payment processing. However, before you sign up for this service, there are some things that you should know. The service provider provides complete information to the service buyer as to how the credit card service works through the credit card processor. It is important to select a service provider that fits your requirements of business and through which you can receive more clients.
While online payment is convenient, it is important that you avoid sharing any personal information. To protect confidential information documents that contain PIN or passwords should not be stored. Instead, all the passwords should be memorized and the document destroyed. It is also important to properly sign out of all logged in sessions especially is you are using a shared computer. Online payments are wonderful and convenient; just a little precaution is needed to prevent the security issues.


How to Invest Wisely

financeHave you ever wanted to buy something so much, that you justify the purchase with “it’s an investment”? It might be too expensive for you, or something impractical, or not necessary to your daily life; but you buy it by saying that it’s something worth buying for its long-term benefits. By the end of your shopping spree, you look at your bags and realize you’re left with just a ton of merchandise you bought impulsively.

The scenario may sound familiar to more people than we think. The concept of investment is something that’s vague to most of us. It’s something we aim for (“when I get rich, I’m going to invest in…”) but we don’t see it as something that just any one can do.

But then we reach that point in life when we start thinking about our financial future, investing money is the best way to start. People who are hesitant to do so don’t know that investing is not a one-size-fits-all decision. You can actually choose among a myriad of options to find the best fit for your financial capability as well as your personal goals and needs. When you’re just starting to make this monetary decision, here are some tips to help you invest wisely:


  1. Plan for it

As with any major decision in your life, before you invest, you have to plan for it. Determine why you want to invest your money. Most of us do so for retirement. If you’re still decades away from that, there is less pressure to put your money in “safe” commitments. Do research first. To get a lot of money by the time you liquefy your stocks, you’re going to have to put a lot of money in as well. Therefore, set measurable financial goals.

Know what you’re getting into, get familiarized with the many options and design an investment strategy that will best suit you. Read books about these topics and ask experts who know best. Furthermore, you can watch television or online shows which are about financial management. If your TV cable subscription is with Comcast, it would be much easier to get the Comcast phone number here and call them to ask for the programming schedule so you would know what day and time the finance-themed programs air.


  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

It’s a known adage because it’s a hundred percent true. There are different money-making assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, among others. Don’t get attached to a single particular company – divide your money among the many kinds of investments.

It’s also important not to rush as well. When you start investing, don’t just buy everything all at once. It’s best to start small and see what happens. Delayed gratification will earn you lots more.


  1. Keep track of your money

Some people who start investing become impatient when they don’t see the results immediately. Investing money does not lead to instantaneous wealth. However, it is very important to review your portfolio on a regular basis to maximize its potential. Just as with any skill, your ability in investing will only be developed if you practice it.


  1. Have an emergency fund

You should consider whatever money you put in your investments as untouchable. Moving money constantly and getting it out will not be beneficial to your long-term prosperity. That’s why it’s wise to have a separate fund for emergency situations. This way, when a high priority crisis arises, you won’t be tempted to get from your investments because you have another supply to go to. This emergency account should be the go-to fund for the important short-term needs.

Things you need to know Before Investing in the Tech Industry

tech industryI was wondering why many people are currently investing in the tech industry when I decided to speak to a knowledgeable expert in corporate American sector. I wanted to know if it was a wise decision to invest in tech industry and he assured me that this is the best industry to invest in. Some of the main reasons as to why many are venturing into tech industry is the fact that this is the largest single segment of the market. Moreover, technology companies are hailed as being significantly productive, from networking and internet to semiconductors and software and if there is one thing that is here to stay, then it would be tech industry. However, before investing in it, here are things that you need to know:

1. Go easy on investing
Just like with any other business, if you are new in this world of investment, even if tech world is a promising area to invest in, it is good to start off small until you understand everything. After all, even if you will get promising returns to your investment, at the end of the day you are somehow gambling.

2. Do thorough research
Any investor will tell you that the best way to protect your capital is doing thorough research before putting your money in. Luckily, you do not have to struggle a lot on research; with just a few clicks on the internet you will be able to get the required information.

3. Do not be partial
Even if you are technology guru with love for a certain technology, this does not mean that you should invest in it. The worst thing that you can do is to allow your emotions decide for you, especially when it comes to financial investment matters. If you feel as if you are not in the right state of mind to make crucial decisions, it is good to take a vacation to sober your minds up. As for me, I love camping and am sure it can help you out. All you need is to pick a good insulated water bottle that can serve you when going on a hike, a walk, or a jog. You need a bottle that is well insulated to carry your drink around. A backpack tent is also very crucial. When I went camping with my friends, we choose the best from top picks of backpacking tents and our trip was awesome.

4. Go through your financial reports
Whether it is gaming or any other software, it is good to ensure that you are not investing more money than its manufacturers. This means that you need to look at the company’s annual financial reports to see their progression. Every company that is help publicly has legal obligations to make the reports available so that you can review them easily.

5. Remember a “buy low” sell high” tip
The rule of buy low and sell high is a crucial one when it comes to making a wise investment decision. You need to make sure that you purchase stocks at a lower price than you sell it because this is the only way to make profits. These calls for a significant amount of patience, discipline, and savvy, but will definitely make your tech industry investment pay off.

Many investors stay away from this industry and regard it irrational and impenetrable. However, given the pervasiveness of technology, this is a self-limiting view that keeps people away from the most dynamic and powerful engines to modern economy. In fact, investing in tech industry will take you to greater heights.


How Middle Class Can Invest in Start-up Companies

investThe dream of every investor is to invest in a company in its start-up stage, before its profits take off. This is because when a company becomes a well-known brand, the investor ends up benefiting more from his initial investment. However, this does not mean that this opportunity is only for the rich investors. No! Even middle class people can invest in start-up companies; here is how middle class can invest in start-up companies:

Decide on industry to focus on

As you think of investing in a start-up company, you should take time to focus on the industry that interests you. Ideally, you should choose the ones that you have worked in. With clear understanding of the company’s market you are less likely to go at a loss. This is because you will be able to evaluate the merits of that company and decide if it is safe to invest the little money you have in that company.

How active do you want to be?

It is good to decide on how active you want to be. You may decide to just invest your capital into the company or you may want to play an active role in the company. You can do this by assessing the time you have to devote to the company. You can think of applying for medical assistant job in the company, i.e. if you invested in a medical field, but if you invested in another industry, you can always apply in other hospitals to be able to support the company financially. Working as a medical assistant is well paying and you can get more capital. However, to secure a job you need to have a good resume, but using a certified nurse resume example can give you an idea on how to craft a winning resume.

Invest as a principle

If you have saved enough capital from your previous jobs, the best way to invest in a start-up company is to start your own. However, you need to know that even though this is the most profitable idea, it is also the most risky. But it is good since it gives you the ability to control your destiny and hopefully your work will be rewarded. You can even think of buying and selling popular hair products as a way to have a successful sales and marketing company. Of course, you will need to research what to buy and understand your products before you invest. Here is a website (easyhaircaretips.com)I recommend for picking good hair care products. Besides, “long journey starts with a single step.”

Becoming an angel investor

Being a middle class individual, it can be hard to become an angel investor but not impossible. An angel investor takes a share in the company in exchange for its investments. The angel investor then agrees with the start-up company on his/her level of participation. You can successfully invest here by joining and combining funds with other angel investors and invest in a single company. This way, regardless of how small your capital is you can be able to invest safely.

Invest in venture capital group

Venture capital firms are those businesses that take funds from individuals and combine their investments into start-up companies. They take an equal share in every company and get a collection of the companies to invest in. Since venture companies are experienced, you can invest with a group that has good track record.

Investing in a start-up company can be your way out to financial freedom. However, there are risks involved and so you should research before investing in any of them. You should be able to analyze their financial statement as well as understanding their business strategy. Most importantly, you should never rush into investing into a start-up company if you have not examined the company thoroughly to minimize the risks involved.


What is the Next Big Thing in Technology Industry and how can you invest?

googletvInquiring minds are typically eager to know what is the next thing in technology industry and how can you invest. Well this is not a new question since it is one of the common ones that I get from by clients, friends and even relatives. The good thing about this question is that one can go to almost anywhere with answers.

A talk about new technology trends is a good conversational starter with numerous intriguing twists. I usually do my research to see what is hot online, and to know the next big things that people can expect from technology and invest in it.


Having the ability to choose the TV apps that one wants to correspond to particular channels can be a huge win for consumers but a major scare to cable providers. In the near future, these are the types of TV’s we will have. Sharing and incorporating updates right into your TV would be a real extension to what majority of TV shows are currently to get consumers to do via their tablets and mobile phones.

TV’s are also likely to have an integrated Google TV/Skype, which means they will have a camera inside, which is very pleasurable. There is also a possibility of having a motion or voice controlled TV, which means that remotes will be things of the past.


Social mobile games -some of the popular games are so much of old fashioned. These games could be the beginning of these technological trends since in future phones will have the ability to host real-time game-play between phones.

Voice gesture game interfaces-gamers usually complain during high competition showdowns. Wise investors can consider this aspect and incorporate this natural tendency to enhance the game-play itself.

3D gaming laptops-introduction of 3D TV has led to the invention glass free 3D TVs. With this, it is possible that in future we will have the application of this technology on laptops, and game-play will be more realistic.


Instagram for video-with the current popularity of filter apps images, it is less likely to be long before special effects apps become normal in video market.

Collaborative cloud- based video editing-in the current word; video editing has always been a huge resource hog. If cloud applications with capabilities of premier were possible, then we can see a rebirth of collective video creation.

Phones and tablets/build in projector- phone, laptop, and tablet screens are infamously small and are not adequate for showing a group. There can possibly be an introduction of mini projector functionality can be installed in these devices and this can turn out to be a big deal.


Enterprise wide cloud computing- very soon, companies will be witnessing the disappearance expensive licensing of software applications that have been there for years and resource hogging. Majority of small companies that heavily rely on Google docs as well as cloud project management software will be choosing to follow this road.

Speech controlled web browsing-instead of browsing for reading or watching purposes with the use of a tiring mouse or keyboard, a technology can be developed to help us control our browsers and computers through speech.

How to invest in technology industry

Technology sector is inevitably a huge investment opportunity for all tech investors. This is because it is the largest single segment that eclipses all other factors including industrial sector and financing sector. While this industry seems to be volatile, it can provide some impressive returns. As an investor, you have numerous options for investing in tech industry. You can invest in:

· Technology stocks

· Mutual funds

· Exchange traded fund that tracks technology

· Semiconductors

· Software

· Hardware

· Networking and internet

I have come to realize that majority of people do not invest in this industry, and they perceive it as irrational and impenetrable. Given the information on upcoming technological trends, you are just limiting yourself if you fail to invest here. All what you need is to invest time in doing research and invest where the valuations make sense.