What is the Next Big Thing in Technology Industry and how can you invest?

googletvInquiring minds are typically eager to know what is the next thing in technology industry and how can you invest. Well this is not a new question since it is one of the common ones that I get from by clients, friends and even relatives. The good thing about this question is that one can go to almost anywhere with answers.

A talk about new technology trends is a good conversational starter with numerous intriguing twists. I usually do my research to see what is hot online, and to know the next big things that people can expect from technology and invest in it.


Having the ability to choose the TV apps that one wants to correspond to particular channels can be a huge win for consumers but a major scare to cable providers. In the near future, these are the types of TV’s we will have. Sharing and incorporating updates right into your TV would be a real extension to what majority of TV shows are currently to get consumers to do via their tablets and mobile phones.

TV’s are also likely to have an integrated Google TV/Skype, which means they will have a camera inside, which is very pleasurable. There is also a possibility of having a motion or voice controlled TV, which means that remotes will be things of the past.


Social mobile games -some of the popular games are so much of old fashioned. These games could be the beginning of these technological trends since in future phones will have the ability to host real-time game-play between phones.

Voice gesture game interfaces-gamers usually complain during high competition showdowns. Wise investors can consider this aspect and incorporate this natural tendency to enhance the game-play itself.

3D gaming laptops-introduction of 3D TV has led to the invention glass free 3D TVs. With this, it is possible that in future we will have the application of this technology on laptops, and game-play will be more realistic.


Instagram for video-with the current popularity of filter apps images, it is less likely to be long before special effects apps become normal in video market.

Collaborative cloud- based video editing-in the current word; video editing has always been a huge resource hog. If cloud applications with capabilities of premier were possible, then we can see a rebirth of collective video creation.

Phones and tablets/build in projector- phone, laptop, and tablet screens are infamously small and are not adequate for showing a group. There can possibly be an introduction of mini projector functionality can be installed in these devices and this can turn out to be a big deal.


Enterprise wide cloud computing- very soon, companies will be witnessing the disappearance expensive licensing of software applications that have been there for years and resource hogging. Majority of small companies that heavily rely on Google docs as well as cloud project management software will be choosing to follow this road.

Speech controlled web browsing-instead of browsing for reading or watching purposes with the use of a tiring mouse or keyboard, a technology can be developed to help us control our browsers and computers through speech.

How to invest in technology industry

Technology sector is inevitably a huge investment opportunity for all tech investors. This is because it is the largest single segment that eclipses all other factors including industrial sector and financing sector. While this industry seems to be volatile, it can provide some impressive returns. As an investor, you have numerous options for investing in tech industry. You can invest in:

· Technology stocks

· Mutual funds

· Exchange traded fund that tracks technology

· Semiconductors

· Software

· Hardware

· Networking and internet

I have come to realize that majority of people do not invest in this industry, and they perceive it as irrational and impenetrable. Given the information on upcoming technological trends, you are just limiting yourself if you fail to invest here. All what you need is to invest time in doing research and invest where the valuations make sense.